Tents, Tables, Chairs and other things you may need.

Whether you’re planning a small intimate party, a big church activity, or a corporate event, we can provide whatever you need to make your guests feel comfortable and assure that your day will be a success. Allow us to offer you a proposal that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.

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We offer a full line of tents for every need.  Tents that are 30 feet wide or less are frame tents and can be set up on any surface, secured with stakes or water barrels. To secure with water barrels add $10 per barrel. 40-foot tents are elegant pole tents and must be used on a surface where they can be secured with stakes.

8×8 Midway Game Booths-$150 each

Must be set up in increments of two or more

10×10 Frame-$175

10×10 High Peak-$200

10×20 High Peak-$275

20×20 Low Peak-$350-Available in solid white, red/white, yellow/white, blue white

20×20 High Peak-$395

20×30 Frame-$450

20X40 Frame-$525-White or yellow

30×30 Frame-$550

30×30 High Peak-$625

30×50 Frame-$800-White or Red

30×60 Frame-$900

40×40-Pole-High Peak-$950

40×60-Pole-High Peak-$1,375

40×80-Pole-High Peak-$1,675

Tent sides (solid or window)-$2 per linear foot

Tent leg drapes-$22.50 each

We offer everything you need for your tent including ceiling liners, tent lighting, monogram lighting, and special effects-Prices Upon Request

We offer everything you need for your tent including ceiling liners, tent lighting, monogram lighting, and special effects – Prices Upon Request.

6′ Rectangle Table (Banquet)-$9

8′ Rectangle Table (Banquet)-$9

30″ Round Cocktail Table-$12

48″ Round Table-$12

60″ Round Table-$12

8′ Serpentine Table-$20


Umbrella Tables are 48″Round tables with your choice of red or blue umbrellas. Seats 6.  $42

Linens or Elastic quikcovers extra.

8′ Plastic Kwik-Cover-$5

60″ Round Plastic Kwik-Cover-$5

8′ Poly Linen Rectangle Cover (lap)-$10

8′ Poly Linen Rectangle Cover (floor)-$20

84″ or 90″ Poly Linen Round Cover-$15

96″ or 108″ Poly Linen Round Cover-$20

120″ Poly Linen Round Cover-$22

132″ Poly Linen Round Cover-$25

Brown Plastic-$2

White Plastic-$2.00

White Padded Resin-$5.00

Natural Wood with Padded Seat-$5.00

We offer a wide variety of lighting and draping packages for any event – from casual to elegant events.    Although most lighting and draping is done inside of a tent, there are many applications that require one or both of these options.


Our lighting packages start with the very basic of lights, fulfilling a need instead of adding to the ambience and continue with many different styles, from casual to elegant.  Café lighting, Chinese lanterns (in a wide variety of colors), and chandeliers in many different sizes are stlyles are just a few of our lighting options.  Prices vary and are quoted upon request.

Draping can really elevate your event into the next level.  From draping the legs of your tent to adding ceiling liners, the options are endless.   Pipe and drape can turn a workshop into an elegant dining room.  Tent streamers and other flowing options are available to turn your  special  day into the event of your dreams.   The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  Prices vary greatly and are quoted upon request.


Call us!  Our team of experienced event planners are here to assist you

Dance Floors

Dance Floors are also set in many different configurations to meet your specific needs.  Our  teakwood or Black & White dance floors are sure to complement any type of event.  They come in 3×3 increments and can be set up as square or rectangle floors Our most popular sizes are listed below, but other sizes are available upon request.

12x12                         $600.00

15×15                          $800.00

15×18                          $900.00


8×8                             $350.00

12×12                          $550.00

16×20                         $900.00

We offer a wide variety of stage configurations to meet your every need.

Other items priced upon request include catering, chargers,  china, glassware, silverware, napkins, napkin rings and décor.


Patio Heaters, Fire Pits, Fans and Air Conditioning are also offered to make your outdoor event as comfortable as if you were inside.


Picnic Benches can be placed throughout an event for convenience and added seating  $20


6ft. Picnic Tables with separate benches for ease in getting in or out. Can seat up to 3 on each side. $60.00


Portable restrooms, diaper changing stations, hand washing sinks are also available to make your guests as comfortable ensuring proper sanitary needs are met.  In addition, we also offer hand sanitizing and sunscreen stations that can be mounted on tents.


For crowd control we offer heavy duty barricades or white picket fencing to meet most every need.